Monday, March 15, 2010

Sandra Kraft, Artist

Sandra Kraft is an artist living in Sherwood, Arkansas. She has been married to the same wonderful guy for 40 years and has two children, a great daughter-in-law and two wild grandsons that make life fun.
Sandra has always loved art and finds herself inspired by the masters and everything around her. She enjoys watercolor and acrylics with impressionist and contemporary style and hopes to spread a little joy to others through her work.


Pat said...

Oh, my, aren't these two great looking people!!!! I am happy to call them my sister-in-law and brother-in law! Sandy is so talented, I am so glad she is joining Second Saturday. We are lucky! pat

kellyvanhook said...

And I get to call them Aunt and Uncle lol! I'm so glad she has joined would be sad if everyone didn't get to ever see her work!

TonyaA said...

Lovely works!
Blessings, peace, and love to you and yours!

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