Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Studio Workspace...

...coming soon!  Here a few "before" photos!  We have space available to us above the studio and are going to take full advantage of it!  If you are a local artist and want some space to create in, drop us an email at!  We have room for 2-3 more and will also be utilizing it for Craft Night and other events!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Craving…. Calling all Artists!

WANTED:  CRAVING:  Art… from YOU!!  We can’t wait to see your imagination reveals.  Don’t forget, artwork deadline is November 10.  Send us an email and we’ll reply with the drop off info.  (12x12 for 2D and 12” max for 3D)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing Gregg and Terri Addington of Graceful Glass!

Creativity has always been a word in Terri Addington’s vocabulary, but when her husband, Gregg, began to express his creative side, she was thrilled.  “He’s been supportive over the years as I had painted with different mediums, did some teaching, and finished several murals, but never in our 32 years of marriage did I expect to see him desire explore the arts through the creativity of glass.” Terri had dreamed of learning the art of stained glass for years, and Gregg had even purchased the equipment for her one Christmas.  But as she pursued a duel Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling, her schedule of being a full time student at Harding University did not allow her the luxury or the time needed to learn the skills needed for stained glass.  As Terri continued to dream, Gregg picked up her glass supplies and began to create.  “I teased him saying he had become the man of my dreams” says Terri.  “While it gave me great satisfaction to see him creative, my own creative spirit was a bit jealous.” While Terri continued to be amazed at the beautiful pieces Gregg was creating with glass, Gregg had not begun to scratch the surface of his creativity. Upon traveling to Oregon to visit his family, his sister spent time with him teaching him the basics of glass fusing. To wrap up his visit, his family blessed him with the money for his first kiln. In his discovery and excitement of his new found love, Gregg combined his creativity, many hours of research, and the extensive learning required to understand the science of fusing glass.  His payoff came when he could open the kiln with the great satisfaction of knowing the beauty he had created.   Gregg began sharing his knowledge with Terri, and both found there were rewards and challenges while combing their talents.  Thus, Graceful Glass became a husband and wife team of a work that consisted of much cutting, grinding, sanding, and most importantly firing glass sometimes several times over in kilns of extreme heat. 
“Our glass work has been a consistent metaphor of our marriage,” says Terri. “I don’t like my rough edges sanded off, nor do I like to be put in a fire of sorts with my husband and told to stay there until beauty emerges.”  Had someone told me years ago that Gregg and I would be working together, I would never have believed it. But we do not learn about God’s grace in easy times, but in the times that we have no strength to do as we know what’s right to do. Gregg and I are continually challenged as we can be extremely different in so many ways. Grace and more grace.” 
While the art of glass fusion is can be traced back to the Egyptians, it has become a well known expression of contemporary art. Gregg often does the measuring and cutting of the glass used at Graceful Glass. The glass is then put in one of the 3 kilns that he and Terri own, and then fired to about 1475 degrees with a long cool down period called annealing. The annealing process is necessary to strengthen the glass. Some pieces may be fired several times, taking about 18 hours each time.  When Gregg and Terri are satisfied with the piece, they often will ‘slump’ the glass into a mold while firing it again. Many pieces have ‘cold work’ involved, which consists of cutting and grinding to insure the desired effect is reached. 

Gregg has worked for years as a machinist, which has served him well to recognize the accuracy needed to produce good work. This has also helped Gregg with the tedious work of fashioning women’s jewelry. “I often have people compliment me on my beautiful jewelry” says Terri, “and it makes me so proud to be able to say that my husband made it for me.”  Terri has painted in oils for years, which has helped her to manipulate the glass paint she currently uses to create glass paintings. They both are on the “cutting edge” in glass work as they continually are exploring new and interesting ways of expression in glass. Their pieces consist of serving dishes, practical art, and wall art, as well as glass jewelry. They are looking to incorporate more natural elements such as wood into their pieces of art. Their oldest grandson, Caleb, is about to join them in designing some of their smaller pieces.   

Gregg and Terri Addington are residents of Searcy, having 3 children, and 3 grandchildren. Terri is currently working on a duel Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling. Both Gregg and Terri Addington desire to use Graceful Glass as an extension in their lives to share God’s faithfulness to others who desire more grace in their lives. 

Please visit us at the studio and see their beautiful work!  We are so excited to have them become a part of us!  Open 10-2...and it's NOT too early to start your Christmas shopping!  Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thursday Journal, #3

The last couple of weeks in the studio have brought some changes....we've added some new things and re-arranged some others. The studio isn't a huge space, but we figure if we are creative, it will hold much more than first thought. Along those lines, Micah decided to hang her lovely, whimsical pieces on the old brick wall we have along one side of the room. After we moved her artwork there....everything looked GREAT against the brick, so she graciously offered to let me use her cute cabinet for my pieces, most of which cannot be hung on a wall. Let's take a look:

Photo #1 shows the entire cabinet. Keep in mind that there is no back in this cabinet, so you can see straight through. I've already decided I can hang a small wall quilt on the back of the cabinet...when and if I make one. Looks good to me and now I feel as if my pieces 'belong' there. A nice feeling for a frustrated fiber artist.

Photo #2 is of the top you can see a collage I've made, one of my Candlestick Pincushions, and a pieced pillow embroidered with silk ribbon. Photo #3 shows the middle shelf with an embroidered and quilted flower pillow, an embroidered chainstitch pincushion in pink, and a doll with an apron made from a vintage embroidery. Photo #4 shows three of my appliqued and embroidered fabric landscapes. Two are 8" x 10" and the center one is 4" x 6."
And, lastly, Photo #5 shows my pieced, appliqued and embroidered wool tote. It's large, roomy and is trimmed with several vintage buttons from my collection.

Look closer, and you can see three of Burt's pottery flower pots....I tucked those in under the cabinet to add a bit of color down there. So cute!

We'll be open again this Saturday from 10:00 - 2:00. We have a new glass display and will soon have a new jewelry artist. Sure would like to see you come by and visit! Til next Thursday, take care, pat

**By the way, if you would like to read what goes on at my backyard studio and see other works, flea market finds, etc.....check it all out at

Monday, October 25, 2010

SSStudio Introduces Our Newest Artist...

...Deb Johnson, of Red Suit Studios!

Deb Johnson resides in Searcy, AR and specializes in hand painting and staining bisque Santas. She has a passion and love for many things: God, Husband, Children, Friends, Photography, and Motorcycle Riding.

“I am truly grateful to have been blessed with the ability to paint. I hope you enjoy the Santas as much as I love creating them!”- Deb Johnson, Artist 

You can keep up with Deb's work through this blog, as well as!

Please join us in supporting Deb and her work!  Don't forget...the studio is OPEN every Saturday from 10-2 through December 18!  There is nothing like something handmade for Christmas!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

SSS Welcomes New Artist, Cheri Peden

Being a “child of the south” I’ve come to love and embrace my southern heritage and the memories it evokes. Growing up in the mountains of rural Arkansas, I spent a lot of time exploring outdoors, enjoying what was wild, organic and available. My earliest attempts at art were a reflection of the natural things and the native Ozark people that surrounded me. Years later when I worked in marketing and advertising, my art took a back seat and was forgotten. I was almost forty when my son was born and we moved to Jackson, Mississippi where I fell in love with southern Acadian architecture and the New Orleans influenced culture of the area. It was different, yet familiar and there were always adventures and interesting characters to meet.
The Sweet Potato Queen festival or the old capitol downtown where Eudora Welty once lived and wrote her collection of stories, were always places that provided colorful backdrops, stimulating and influencing my long forgotten creativity.
As I was always passionate about preserving history and stories of the past, I became inspired to paint on the discarded architectural odds and ends I would find during some of these forays and excursions with my fellow artist friend Dana. It has been so much fun and gives me so much pleasure seeing old stuff get a “new life”.  I hope others can appreciate the value and the simple Southern way it represents.

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