Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Thursday Journal, #2

Today the monthly meeting of my quilting/beading group met at my house in Searcy. We are a small 'closed' group from several different towns in Arkansas. Closed, because that is the maximum number we can possibly seat and provide working space for in each of our homes. They are very nice people and I look forward to seeing them each month. This afternoon, two of them requested a private showing at Second Saturday Studio, and I....perfectly willing to cooperate...took them there.

I took a few photos, thinking you might want to see some of what they saw this afternoon. First you will see my friend, Mary Lou, from Dennard. She is viewing some of the art of photographers, Patrick Reilly and Andy Stringfellow. In photo #2, my friend, Brenda, from Hensley, is admiring the paintings of Terri Milligan. In #3, she is admiring the pottery bowls created by Burt Weinstein. In #4, Mary Lou and Brenda are charmed by the work of Micah Holden...they made special note of the 'encaustic' pieces Micah has done.

A piece from our newest artist, Cheri Peden, of Searcy, is shown in photo #5. I don't know the 'official' terminology describing Cheri's work, but I call it "Primitive Funky." This artwork is very colorful and so much FUN. The one shown here is called "Cock-A-Doodle-Do," an architectural piece as it was, in a previous life, a vintage ceiling tin. There are two additional pieces also on display this weekend.

It was fun showing friends the latest on display in the Studio. If YOU would like to have a private showing for a group of your friends, we can make arrangements to do just that. So, kindly get in touch and we will work out the details. Meantime, we will be open again this Saturday, October 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I hope to see you there! Pat Eaton

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kellyvanhook said...

Thank you so much for sharing Second Saturday Studio with your group! We so appreciate the support from our local community, as well as those that come to visit!

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