Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thursday Journal, #3

The last couple of weeks in the studio have brought some changes....we've added some new things and re-arranged some others. The studio isn't a huge space, but we figure if we are creative, it will hold much more than first thought. Along those lines, Micah decided to hang her lovely, whimsical pieces on the old brick wall we have along one side of the room. After we moved her artwork there....everything looked GREAT against the brick, so she graciously offered to let me use her cute cabinet for my pieces, most of which cannot be hung on a wall. Let's take a look:

Photo #1 shows the entire cabinet. Keep in mind that there is no back in this cabinet, so you can see straight through. I've already decided I can hang a small wall quilt on the back of the cabinet...when and if I make one. Looks good to me and now I feel as if my pieces 'belong' there. A nice feeling for a frustrated fiber artist.

Photo #2 is of the top you can see a collage I've made, one of my Candlestick Pincushions, and a pieced pillow embroidered with silk ribbon. Photo #3 shows the middle shelf with an embroidered and quilted flower pillow, an embroidered chainstitch pincushion in pink, and a doll with an apron made from a vintage embroidery. Photo #4 shows three of my appliqued and embroidered fabric landscapes. Two are 8" x 10" and the center one is 4" x 6."
And, lastly, Photo #5 shows my pieced, appliqued and embroidered wool tote. It's large, roomy and is trimmed with several vintage buttons from my collection.

Look closer, and you can see three of Burt's pottery flower pots....I tucked those in under the cabinet to add a bit of color down there. So cute!

We'll be open again this Saturday from 10:00 - 2:00. We have a new glass display and will soon have a new jewelry artist. Sure would like to see you come by and visit! Til next Thursday, take care, pat

**By the way, if you would like to read what goes on at my backyard studio and see other works, flea market finds, etc.....check it all out at

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kellyvanhook said...

Thank you for your post Mom! Looks great, as it always does, and we so appreciate all the help you give us! Keep us sane woman, lol!!!

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