Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Fond Goodbye

 To YOU,  all our customers and friends, Second Saturday Studio finds itself bidding you a fond goodbye.  Reluctantly, we find it necessary to close our doors.  Many happy hours spent there have now turned into happy memories and as so often happens other doors can be found waiting and open.
We want you to know that your patronage of Second Saturday Studio was greatly appreciated and while we regret having to close our doors....that proverbial 'other door' has opened and you will now be able to find us a very short distance away...across the hall at AJ's Art Studio!  AJ's owner, Audra Jones, has invited us to be a part of her art studio and we are happy to be able to say you can find our art there,  along with hers.

We will still open on the Second Saturday...which is THIS Saturday, February 9, 2013.  You might want to stop by and say hello.
Within this post are photos taken today of items now at AJ' addition to a gallery of art pieces, there will be some vintage items, which of late have become FUN and interesting to many who visit. 

We will be adding new items from time to time and once again...if you see the lights on, we are Open.

 Art classes are scheduled, art parties are encouraged, we will be there on Second Saturdays, and Pat will be opening the studio on Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.  You can check the website or contact Audra for class offerings, schedules, and booking details.  You may also stop by on selected Friday nights when we will work on our own items, or from time to time invite you to work on your projects with us.  You can check with Audra about any of these.   Kid's classes are already being scheduled for summer, so if you have kids, you may want to check into those also.
If walking by the studio, always check Audra's postings about events on the whiteboard in the window, call or check the website.
We are looking forward to seeing you from time to time....and special events and occasions are something we look forward to sharing with you.

 So, enjoy the photos of the works shown here.....and please stop by and say hello when it's possible.

This photo is of art class supplies .... ready and waiting for kids and adults alike.  Birthday parties, tea parties, friends just wanting to have FUN....any reason is good enough to schedule some fun, so ask about it. 

Thank you so much for your visits and  your business - we hope to see many of you on our Second Saturday openings and beyond, not only is it good for US and for YOU, but for Downtown Searcy!

 All the 'ART GIRLS' from SSS and now AJ's.

PS.  By the way, if you or someone you know is looking for rental space, you can check out our former space and contact Nancy at Sowell's Furniture for information.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Down...Downtown!

Here are some photos taken at Second Saturday Studio this past Saturday  during  "Get Down...Downtown."  We had a lot of fun and missed seeing YOU.  So, take a look at the photos and  come see us on our next official OPEN day.......Saturday, October 13th.  And, don't forget to contact Audra about her schedule of classes....she sure has been busy and would love to set up an event for your group.    We now have our art work plus some vintage finds and re-imagined pieces too.

We hope to see you one day just never know what you will see at 213 W. Arch Avenue....come by and check us out! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

More Art from Sandy Kraft

If you missed our latest Second Saturday Studio opening....and I know you did because I was there and I didn't see YOU.....then, you missed meeting Sandy Kraft and seeing her latest art work.  Here she is in an impromptu photo, standing right beside some of her wonderful pieces.  She just brought this painting of the hay bales in and it is really stunning in person.  Perhaps you might want to come by to see this lovely painting, along with others recently added to our collection.

For those of you who have yet to meet Sandy.....she is aunt to Kelly, mother to Gina, and sister-in-law to Pat.  She lives in NLR.  Having broken her shoulder and having surgery earlier in the year, we are amazed that she has been painting through her recovery....slowly, but surely, and we are always happy to see what she brings in next. 

New to our neighborhood is Salon Bliss on Market Street, directly behind our studio.  And, now, the dinner theater is moving in right next door.   What with AJ's Art Studio and Second Saturday Studio and our new neighbors, you might want to check us out as this end of Arch and Market Streets could easily become an 'Art Happening' right here in Searcy.

We'd love to have you visit!!!!!!  Next official opening is Saturday, September 8th...hope to see you then....(meantime, if the light's are on...we're OPEN!)   See you sometime soon, pat

PS.  We are in the process of putting a permanent sign up at our back entrance.  And, we will also put up our artistic little folding sign on days when we have the 'lights on, so we are OPEN'....just so you know you can enter the back way.  Would love to see that working, so we will look for you!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Second Saturday Opening, August 11, 2012

Once again, Second Saturday Studio will be open on Saturday....this one, August 11, 2012....we'd love to have you stop by to see what is happening these days in our little working studio.  There's been a few changes since we last posted....four of us have work spaces on premises and we are now hanging art here, there, and everywhere to take advantage of our small space. 
Cheri and Pat are adding a few of their beloved vintage and repurposed pieces to the mix, not only for their own entertainment, but to add another layer of interest to the studio.  These kinds of things are really popular now and FUN!
Many of you know that Audra has opened her art studio (AJ's Art Studio) across the hall where A Second Helping used to be.  She is holding classes for kids and adults and her space is just as cute as can be.....she will be in this Saturday also and still has an exhibit of her animal watercolors in our space.  So, you may want to stop by and check those out and talk to her.
A few random photos were taken this week just to give you an idea of what is in the studio these days.  This painting is one of Cheri's.
A whimsical elephant painted by Micah.....we have two vintage typewriters on hand....this one watched over by one of our favorite paper birds.
This is where Pat works.  No one can get more 'stuff' in a small space than she can.  And, you just never know what might show up.  Those framed butterflies are REAL.
A quick snap of Micah's workspace.  This large canvas is one of her whimsical pieces...if you have kids, you might want to see this one....adorable and 'in progress.'
Sandy Kraft just finished this one.....such a pretty thing.  Note the wrought iron chairs painted in the lower corner....just completely DEAR.
One can almost feel the raindrops in this's a small painting in a large, beautiful frame. You would enjoy seeing it 'in person.'
One of Kelly's abstract paintings.  It has a lot of texture and this photo just doesn't do it justice.  See, another reason to stop by!
Here's another of hers.   She came in today to kind of 'take stock'.....trying to find the time to work on some pieces for future openings.  She, Micah and Audra all have REAL jobs, so finding time to spend in the studio is sometimes difficult.  Like everyone else, some words of encouragement here and there make you want to find the time somehow.  So......visit when you can and encourage!!
This is one of Pat's painted and embroidered pieces.  Even though she is trying to work with paint and paper more often than not....those threads she loves just have to get show up from time to time.  She is thinking of adding more items with fabrics in the not so distant future.

So, there you are....just a few things from our workplace.  We'd love to see you, say hi and visit.....and while you are may want to also go out our back door, cross the street and check out the new Salon Bliss.....and soon we will have a new next door neighbor we know you will want to know about.  We'd love to see you this Saturday, 10:00 a.m. til 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Art Work on Saturday

This Saturday, February 11, 2012, will be our Second Saturday Studio regular opening day. Why don't you plan on visiting for a few minutes to see some of the new art available and say hi to us once again. We've been missing you. Many of you don't know that we've turned the gallery into a 'working studio.' Four of us have studio space there along with our gallery space. Kelly, Micah, Cheri and Pat spend whatever time they have available to create their art there. Since November, we have been open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 2:00. Our new motto is...."If the lights are on...we are Open."

Here are some samples of the latest pieces available....there is a great horse racing painting from Cheri. It was great fun to watch her create this painting....why don't you come by to see it....and you'll feel like you are 'at the races!'

Kelly has a wonderful new abstract. It would look great in a Mid-Century Modern surrounding. Bet there's an office somewhere in town it would look good in also. She has a couple of other new pieces....including one glorified with embossing's different and quite pretty and if you don't know what embossing powder can do to a painting...well, you just might want to see it on Saturday too.

Micah, our resident 'whimsical' artist has just finished a large piece that will make you happy. Here it is...but you simply must see it in cute and very 'fresh.' Her work will make you feel good and you'll have to smile!

Pat has just finished some new collage pieces, two of them shown here. And, both would make 'different' Valentine gifts. Made with stenciling, paper napkins, old paper texts, and even a tad of that embossing powder on one of them. There are other new pieces in her space for you to see also.

So.....come on by....we'd love to have you visit. We'll have the lights on! (THIS Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 213 West Arch, Searcy, Arkansas)
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