Monday, August 20, 2012

More Art from Sandy Kraft

If you missed our latest Second Saturday Studio opening....and I know you did because I was there and I didn't see YOU.....then, you missed meeting Sandy Kraft and seeing her latest art work.  Here she is in an impromptu photo, standing right beside some of her wonderful pieces.  She just brought this painting of the hay bales in and it is really stunning in person.  Perhaps you might want to come by to see this lovely painting, along with others recently added to our collection.

For those of you who have yet to meet Sandy.....she is aunt to Kelly, mother to Gina, and sister-in-law to Pat.  She lives in NLR.  Having broken her shoulder and having surgery earlier in the year, we are amazed that she has been painting through her recovery....slowly, but surely, and we are always happy to see what she brings in next. 

New to our neighborhood is Salon Bliss on Market Street, directly behind our studio.  And, now, the dinner theater is moving in right next door.   What with AJ's Art Studio and Second Saturday Studio and our new neighbors, you might want to check us out as this end of Arch and Market Streets could easily become an 'Art Happening' right here in Searcy.

We'd love to have you visit!!!!!!  Next official opening is Saturday, September 8th...hope to see you then....(meantime, if the light's are on...we're OPEN!)   See you sometime soon, pat

PS.  We are in the process of putting a permanent sign up at our back entrance.  And, we will also put up our artistic little folding sign on days when we have the 'lights on, so we are OPEN'....just so you know you can enter the back way.  Would love to see that working, so we will look for you!

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