Sunday, March 14, 2010

Artist, Gina Kraft

My parents provided me with numerous outlets of creativity growing up. Every since I can remember, I have loved to draw. As I child I loved drawing little towns and house plans. I now enjoy painting and drawing intricate designs. The more detail, the better I enjoy it. I have been in art a little bit my entire life, from obtaining a Graphic Design degree and working as a graphic designer to currently working with the government and painting on the side. 

I learn from each creation I make and I find joy that other people might find something in my art that interests them.  Each piece I do, I learn something new. Art is an ever-growing process and I am relishing the ride.


Pat said...

I've never seen anything Gina did that wasn't fabulous....and I remember her drawing as a child. She's so cool! pat

kellyvanhook said...

That is so true...she is extremely talented! We are so happy she is helping us with the logo...can't wait to get that all lined out!

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