Thursday, November 4, 2010

Welcome Helen Roberts...

...of Gathering Steam!

 As I step from the gathering steam you see the grandaughter of a railroad worker. He was of Native American descent and when he had too much hootch, he would dance for you. I still remember the switch yard in Clovis, New Mexico, where the engines would be turned around by a giant steam powered wheel. PaPo as we called my grandfather, would sometimes let me "drive" the train. I was five. I still remember the great smell of steam.
  Jewelry has always been an important part of the Navajo culture. I was taught by some of the greatest unknown jewelry artists there were. Perhaps you have seen some of the silver and turquoise jewelry that is produced by the Indians.
  I started out producing Button Brooches. I would take a Bride's  Grandmother's old button collection add freshwater pearls, a button engraved with the bride and groom's names, and make a work of art suitable for the bride to wear on every anniversary.
  After a conversation with my son, Jarod, who is seventeen, in which he told me the basics of
the theory of Steampunk, he showed me a hair bow on the internet. I was intrigued. Thoughts swirled in my head:  freshwater pearls, wind up watch parts, the Victorian era, the smell of PaPo when he got home from work.  The steam gathered in my mind and thus Gathering Steam was born.
  My philosophy is this: What if eras of bygone days could have the technology of today, combined with the constraints of their time? My example is this: a steam powered personal  computer.  
  Using movies, cultures, watch parts, steam, and time. I create jewelry that is unique and yet pleasing to the eye.
  Come join me in the GATHERING STEAM........

Please join us in making Helen feel welcome at Second Saturday Studio, this Saturday from 10-2 and Sunday 1-4 for Christmas Open House!  We have gifts for everyone on your list!  Come see us!

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Pat said...

Looking forward to meeting Helen and seeing her beautiful jewelry this weekend!!! pat

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